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Sri Mallikarjuna Silk Sarees is a renowned brand that has gained popularity not only within its home country of India but also beyond its boundaries. With nearly three decades of establishment, this family-owned business has dedicated itself to the art of weaving and selling exquisite kanchipuram silk sarees through various means. Now, as technology continues to advance, the brand's third generation is embracing innovation to take their business to new heights.

Based in the town of Madanapalle in Andhra Pradesh, Sri Mallikarjuna Silk Sarees has become synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. Our brand has successfully attracted a wide customer base, including customers from foreign countries. Our sarees are known for their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and the use of high-quality silk fabric.

With technology playing a significant role in today's world, the brand is leveraging its potential to expand its reach and enhance customer experiences. Sri Mallikarjuna Silk Sarees has established an online presence, allowing customers from all over the world to explore and purchase our sarees. We have also embraced innovative features like virtual try-on and customization options, providing a seamless and personalized shopping experience. By blending tradition with technology, Sri Mallikarjuna Silk Sarees continues to captivate customers with its exquisite collection, impeccable craftsmanship, and dedication to preserving the rich heritage of silk sarees.
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    +91 9100737208

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    2-250-78-A, kadiri Road, Neerugattuvaripalli, Madanapalle ,Annamaiah dist-517325 ,Andhra Pradesh,India